Think Property Investment

Investment in property can be the way to a secure future. It can start in a minor way, through just one residential property, but as the value of that property increases, the capital gain can be used to buy a second property, and so on.

The major benefit to owning a significant property portfolio is security through making your own decisions on your investments.

Starting out does not take huge amounts of capital. It can begin by using equity in your existing property to finance another. By using one property to purchase another, the property portfolio can gradually increase, so increasing income as well.

There are also tax advantages, with depreciation and other costs deductible against the total income. Residential housing has been a strong investment performer over the long term, however don’t just think residential. Commercial property investing can also provide extremely attractive options, so discuss both sectors with your skilled property advisor. It’s also important to work closely with a quality accountant who fully understands what you are trying to achieve so that they can ensure accurate record keeping and maximum tax advantage.

The best way to evaluate real estate as an investment is through common sense. For many home owners if provides a simple, well-understood investment which can be matched to lifestyle.

And who knows, while property investments can be an effective way to provide for the future, it can also provide a whole new career option as you spend the time maintaining your investments.

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