The Future of the Past

Some might say “You cant stand in the way of progress” but The National Trust might remind you that progress for progresses sake lead to the Urban Renewal that started in the 50’s that robbed Melbourne of some it’s most charming landmarks including the Federal Hotel and Coffee Palace and Melbourne Fish Markets amongst many others.

It is with this end in mind that on Friday The National Trust escalated VCATs ruling against their challenge to the Windsor Hotel redevelopment project to the Supreme Court for review.

I have canvassed countless property owners in the ‘Paris End’ of town over the past few months for their opinions and heard many varied and often colourful viewpoints on the topic of redevelopment here and in fact through out our bustling city. One thing is for certain, the eyes of many will be on the decisions made over the coming weeks and months and I look forward to keeping you up to date.

On a parting note, as I look out the rear window of our office in the three story heritage listed Professional Chambers  I can see the 262m high landmark that has now become known as 120 Collins St looming over me and am reminded starkly of what the Future of the Past may well be.

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