Harcourts Foundation Donates $50,000 to Canterbury Earthquake Appeal

In response to Saturday’s shocking earthquake in Christchurch and the Canterbury region, The Harcourts Foundation donated $50,000 to the New Zealand Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal. The earthquake, which has devastated the city and its surrounding areas and caused billions of dollars worth of damage, has left the people of both New Zealand and Australia in a state of shock. The New Zealand Red Cross have been on the ground in Christchurch since the earthquake struck, providing shelter, support and supplies to hundreds of needy victims. Harcourts International Managing Director, Mike Green is thankful that The Harcourts Foundation is able to offer support in such a time of need. “This is a hugely challenging time for the people in Canterbury, our thoughts are with them as they look to rebuild after this traumatic event. This is an extremely worthy cause and the Harcourts team are pleased to be able to make a positive difference in the affected Canterbury communities,” said Mr Green. “As an organisation, we have many friends and colleagues in the region and were devastated at the news. Thankfully, our team and their families are safe, and we are extremely grateful that we are able to contribute to the disaster relief effort.” The Harcourts Foundation was established in August 2008, with the aim of providing financial support that helps, grows and enriches local communities, and in just over two years has received over $700,000 in donations from Harcourts staff and offices across Australia and New Zealand. To date, all donations received by The Harcourts Foundation have been raised by dedicated Harcourts team members and clients in the form of fundraising events, auctions, workplace giving, individual donations or ‘off the top’ giving (calculated from each sales commission). “The Harcourts team has developed a strong tradition of giving, with Harcourts’ generosity benefiting thousands of people throughout Australia and New Zealand over the years. The lives and livelihoods of thousands in the Canterbury region have been affected, with the shock felt around the country, and we are pleased to be able to positively assist those in need,” said Mr Green.

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