16 Good Reasons to Sell Your Home Christmas/New Year

16 reasons

1. Last December was our strongest month ever!

2. People who have sold through spring now need to buy

3. Fresh visitors in Melbourne – Melbourne is a very popular place for people to purchase a Pied-a-Terre or investment property

4. Professionals have finished up busy year & have time to look

5. We know the market is still great right now, next year is unknown

6. A lot of offices close over Christmas & New Year but buyers are still looking. We’ll be showing homes right over the festive season.

7. New Year’s resolutions (or unfulfilled resolutions from last January) are strong motivators

8. Limited competition……. mid January the supply of listings increases substantially which lowers the demand for your home.

9. A more relaxed feeling = relaxed buyers who are easier to negotiate with

10. People starting new jobs in January need to buy now

11. Busy rental time can mean people find it easier to buy. Also with a lot of leases falling due at this time many renters enter buying mode

12. People looking are generally more serious & will generally make quick decisions

13. Buyers are more emotional

14. End of year or Christmas Bonus can help people buy

15. Buyers have more time to look during the holiday, as opposed to normal work schedules at non-seasonal times.

16. Many people will buy by year-end for tax reasons

BOTTOM LINE: By listing now, you may have fewer actual showings, but more qualified buyers.

THE REASON: You as the seller, have less Competition

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