Chin Chin- An exciting assault on the senses


Restaurant Review- Out & about with Harcourts! Brought to you by James Edmundson

From the eclectic yet stylish mix of pop culture paste ups and 14 foot tall mirror and pink neon bunny rabbit to the intensity and complexity in flavour of each dish, Chin Chin is not for the faint hearted.

Being a “no booking” restaurant don’t plan to be seated and eating inside of an hour unless you, like us, were cunning enough to either summon an appetite for a 5:00 dinner or heroic enough to send a brave soul to wait for a table whilst you enjoy a drink within sprinting distance of the door.

But the wait is more than worth it. The energy is buzzing, the chatter almost as loud as the laughter and if you’re in a small group make sure you ask if you can be seated at the bar around the kitchen for a chance to chat to the cooks.

With a distinctly “street hawker” feel to the dishes, Chin Chin suggests you share their fare to experience more flavours, and whilst they offer an amazing range from goat to wild boar, calamari to chicken curry, both our garlic allergic and Vegan guests had limited success with finding meals.

An average bill shouldn’t exceed $100 per person (unless you like the wine free flowing with dinner) but for Melbourne this is a fairly reasonable amount.

I found this an exciting and enjoyable change of pace, and if you thrive on chaos you won’t mind that you’re just as likely as not to get a table on any given night, as Melburnians continue to flock in numbers to chechin chinck out what the hype is all about.

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