Elizabeth Street, 1704/250, Melbourne

The property was advertised through Harcourts City at $520K-$530K and was set to auction. A week before the auction date, an offer was made on the apartment for $540K, vendor had then requested that if the offer were be readjusted to $560K , they would sell. Harcourts City then requested that all buyers interested in the property put in their best and highest offers forward, as an offer had been submitted, and this was their chance to grab this beautiful apartment. The first initial offer then increased to $600,100K setting a new building record, the vendors were immensely pleased with the result.

Collins Street, 2006/620, Melbourne

Vendors at 2006/620 Collins Street, had their property advertised as “price by negotiations” and wanted $350,000 for their apartment, as another agent had a similar apartment also listed in the building at $350,000. The other agent worked on a commission on 2.2%, whilst Harcourts City worked on 2.5%, Harcourts City advised a potential buyer o forward his highest and best offer at $375,000 which the vendor happily accepted. The $1120 in extra fees from Harcourts City awarded the vendor with an extra $25,000 extra in his pocket.

Hotham Street, 2, 110, 114, 202, 212/25, East Melbourne

 7 great units in a block of 40 all on the market for sale at the same time, some of the apartments were listed with other agents. Some of the properties were on the market for over 180 days, getting quite stale.  Poor quality photography, open times not on the internet and all on the market at the same time – selling them was proving extremely hard. Harcourts City picked up 4 of those apartments for sale and decided it was best to sell them one at a time. Harcourts City sold 5 units over a span of 60 days exceeding price expectations, a great result for the vendors.

Flinders Street, 401/166, Melbourne

An existing client of Harcourts City was strongly thinking about selling his apartment at 166 Flinders Street, considering selling to friend who had shown great interest in the property. Harcourts City advised an auction would gain him the best price for what he wanted. A neighbour in the building the first offer prior to the auction at $598,000 alongside the 4 other submitted offers. The neighbour reviewed their offer to $655,500 allowing him to take possession of the property.

 Spencer Street, 1604/200, Melbourne

Harcourts City were referred by a previous client to the vendors of 1604/200 Spencer who were having some difficulty selling their property with their agent. With no offers or feedback, the vendors were beginning to get concerned. After a record sale was achieved in the building by Harcourts City, the vendors of 1604 happily appointed Harcourts City to sell their apartment. The vendors felt they had missed out on $30,000 by unfortunately selecting the wrong agent. Harcourts City in conjunction with Harcourts Carlton took over the listing, with professional photography and marketing, finally gaining the vendors their long anticipated sale.

Spencer Street, 3608/200, Melbourne

Harcourts City appraised the property, however lost the listing to another agent with a lower commission and no advertising. With no interest on the property coming in, the authority then expired. Meanwhile Harcourts City scoring two fantastic sales within the building, the vendors at 3608/200 Spencer then appointed Harcourts City to market their property. With paid advertising the property sold in the first week of marketing it for $440K.


Alma Road, 112/3-7, St Kilda

Vendors eager and ready to sell found it rather difficult to push the sale over the line. The external photos of the property didn’t showcase the building as it should have been. The assigned agent was not familiar with the area nor did they have adequate knowledge about the hustle and bustle of St Kilda and found it hard to market the property at $400K. Receiving no written offers from any buyers, the ad then became stale leaving the vendors concerned.  Needing a sale quite urgently, the vendors then appointed Harcourts City Residential to market their property. In a little under 4 weeks Harcourts City gained a fantastic result for their vendors, the property auctioned and sold for $450K.


Latrobe Street, 1310/68, Melbourne

On the market for already 60 days, with some tough tenants that made it rather difficult for the agents to take potential buyers through. The vendors then assigned Harcourts City to their property. Harcourts City started off the campaign by building a relationship with the current tenants allowing easier access through the property. The photos were re-done professionally and a new fresh write up, captured new potential buyers. Whilst Christmas was approaching and other agents were off on their breaks, Harcourts City achieved the sale for the property at $475,000.

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  1. This Blog is so impressive… the saying “You get what you pay for” is more often than not very accurate.
    I recently attempted to purchase a one bedroom apartment in the city and was horrified at the way I was treated by two agents at the same agency during the process of negotiation.
    I eventually purchased from a female who had her own agency who was lovely however after settlement I discovered several crucial non disclosures.
    When it comes time to re-sell or lease out I will not be calling her for an appraisal.
    Pleased I found your website, very informative.
    Coming from New Zealand myself I know the Harcourts brand to be a trusted institution amoung Kiwi’s.

    Finding the right selling agent is so important for the vendor AND prospective buyers!

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